Features | Newsletter Website Integration

Magic forms do the grunt work

With the Mailbomb form builder, a tiny snippet of code or direct link will allow you grab customer details straight from your website. This smart opt-in system makes growing your database easy and will ensure you avoid any spam complaints.

  • Hosted forms for basic integration
  • Easy to use API for advanced web services
  • Customers added direct to mailing lists

Newsletters that play nice

Mailbomb can integrate easily with any website, but sites built by development partners or using the XSIS CMS will automatically share subscriber information. This makes list segmentation and targeting specific customer demographics even easier.

  • Works with any website
  • Easy integration with partners
  • Monitor opt-in status from your CMS

Great for designers too

The Mailbomb reseller program is perfect for web designers wanting to add new services to their offering. With our easy integration APIs, standard CSS template format and bulk purchasing options, you'll want to get in touch to find out more.

  • Wholesale pricing plans
  • Demo and API access available on request
  • Contact us directly for more info