Features | Newsletter Recipients

Empty your business card holder

Mailbomb supports unlimited entry of subscriber lists and recipients, meaning you can have everybody and their uncle receiving your newsletters. And if for some reason they wish to be removed, Mailbomb will look after their preferences automatically.

  • One click mailing list creation
  • Automatic subscription options
  • Bulk recipient management

Spam - it's illegal

In 2007 the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act came into effect in New Zealand. The purpose of the legislation was to prohibit the spread of non-consensual commercial email, SMS and instant messages. Mailbomb supports this law with the following:

  • Confirmed opt-in process
  • Subscriber preference centre
  • Signup forms for your website

Manual is a dirty word

Smart uploading makes adding recipients a breeze. After you've exported your contacts from your address book, Mailbomb will automatically decode, format and insert your entire database into a mailing list.

  • Import from Outlook, Gmail and more
  • Any .csv format database can be uploaded
  • Detects duplicate email addresses